Sponsored Conferences

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Date - Location
31 March 2015, Aqaba, Jordan International Conference on the Geomatics of the Middle East & North Africa
3-7 May 2015, Barcelona, Spain SETAC Europe 25th Annual Meeting
17-19 May 2015, Portofino, Italy IDA New Horizons for Desalination
25-29 May 2015, Ustroń, Poland International Conference on Groundwater Vulnerability
25-29 May 2015, Edinburgh, Scotland IWRA XVth World Water Congress
10-13 June 2015, Istanbul, Turkey EWRA 9th World Congress
15-17 June 2015, A Coruña, Spain 8th International Conference on Water Resources Management
17-19 June 2015, A Coruña, Spain 8th International Conference on River Basin Management
28 June-3 July 2015, Den Haag, The Netherlands 36th IAHR World Congress
15-17 July 2015, A Coruña, Spain 3rd International Conference on Water and Society

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