International Journal of Water Resources & Arid Environments (IJWRAE) vol 1(4) Aug. 2011

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Download this file (IJWRAE_1(4)239-250.pdf)239-250Production of Digital Climatic Maps Using Geostatistical Techniques (Ordinary Kriging) Case Study from LibyaAbdussalam Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim
Download this file (IJWRAE_1(4)251-260.pdf)251-260Impact of Natural Hazards on Water Management: Remote Sensing Identifies Evidences in PakistanNayyer Alam Zaigham and Zeeshan Alam Nayyar
Download this file (IJWRAE_1(4)261-270.pdf)261-270Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in Assessment of Rain Use Efficiency and Rangeland Degradation in Central Butana, SudanElsadig A. Elfaki, A.M. Adeeb, S. Saidi and A. Ickowicz
Download this file (IJWRAE_1(4)271-276.pdf)271-276Trends of Precipitation and Drought on the Algerian Litoral: Impact on the Water ReservesHassini Noureddine, Abderrahmani Belaid and Dobbi Abdelmajid
Download this file (IJWRAE_1(4)277-284.pdf)277-284Rain Water Harvesting Systems is a Way for Water ConservationMehemed A. Razzaghi
Download this file (IJWRAE_1(4)285-294.pdf)285-294A Historical Perspective of the Development of Rain Water Harvesting Techniques in the Mewar Region,Udaipur, Rajasthan, IndiaNarpat Singh Rathore
Download this file (IJWRAE_1(4)295-303.pdf)295-303Linking Groundwater Flow and Transport Models, GIS Technology, Satellite Images and UncertaintyQuantification for Decision Making: Buraiman Lake Case Study Jeddah, Saudi ArabiaAmro Elfeki, Hatem Ewea and Nassir Al-Amri