Volume 8, Number 1 (April 2019)

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Download this file (IJWRAE_8_1__01-07.pdf)01-07[On Developing a Sustainable Solution Space to Resolve Water Crisis in Arid Environments – Shafiqul Islam]
Download this file (IJWRAE_8_1__08-14.pdf)08-14[Water Conservation Molecular Characterization of Multifarious Corn Genotypes under Divergent Moisture Regimes – Ijaz Rasool Noorka, Taufiqullah, Azeem Iqbal Khan and J.S. (Pat) Heslop-Harrison]
Download this file (IJWRAE_8_1__15-22.pdf)15-22[Utilization of Hydrogel for Reducing Water Irrigation Quantities on Two Wheat Cultivars Grown under Sandy Soil Conditions – M.F. El karamany, A.I. Waly, A.M. Shaban and A.B. Bakry]
Download this file (IJWRAE_8_1__23-33.pdf)23-33[Geospatial Analysis for the Assessment of Urban Sprawl Impact on Water Table in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan – Syed Umair Shahid and Waqas Khalid]
Download this file (IJWRAE_8_1__34-38.pdf)34-38[Water Saver a Natural Product for Saving Irrigation Water in Date palm Trees and Golf Courses Plantations in UAE – Mohamed A. Badawi]
Download this file (IJWRAE_8_1__39-48.pdf)39-48[Novel Composite from Glass Waste and Activated Carbon for Heavy Metals Removal from Well Water in Semi-arid Regions – M. Nageeb Rashed, A.A. Gad and A.M. AbdEldaiem]
Download this file (IJWRAE_8_1__49-60.pdf)49-60[GIS-Based Spatial Analysis Accurately Predicts Alluvial Well Depletion and Effectively Establishes Relationship between Aquifer Parameters – S.M. Hamza, A Ahsan and W.N.A. Sulaiman]
Download this file (IJWRAE_8_1__61-69.pdf)61-69[Satellite-Based Water Status Assessment for Date Palm in Al-Hassa Oasis, Saudi Arabia – Khalid Biro, Faisal Zeineldin and Mohammed Refdan Al-Hajhoj]
Download this file (IJWRAE_8_1__70-76.pdf)70-76[Evaluating the Efficacy of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria and Enriched Compost to Enhance Yield and Water Use Efficiency of Crops for Sustainable Agriculture in Dry Lands – Ahmed Al-Busaidi, Baby Shaharoona and Mushtaque Ahmed]
Download this file (IJWRAE_8_1__77-82.pdf)77-82[Evaluation of the Efficiency of Conventional and Unconventional Probability Distribution Functions for Rainfall Frequency Models in Arid Environments – Fahad Alahmadi]