Volume 9 Number 2, 2020

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Download this file (1e.pdf)107-112[Wastewater Treatment and Reuse in Integrated Irrigation Practice and Aquaculture: An Exploring Concept of Food, Water and Health Nexus Malairajan Singanan]
Download this file (2e.pdf)113-122[Technique for Greywater Reuse; Influence of Filter Media Type and its Configuration Mohamed F. Soliman and Mahitab Nazem]
Download this file (3e.pdf)123-133[Hydroxyapatite / Chitosan Nanocomposite Materials as Potential Adsorbent for Cr Removal From Aqueous Solution Safaa M. Ragheb, Nouran Y. Mohamed and Mohamed S. Mahmoud]
Download this file (4e.pdf)134-141[Application of Pressure Management for Leakage Reduction in Water Distribution Networks: Case Study from Antalya-Turkey Ayse Muhammetoglu and Habib Muhammetoglu]
Download this file (5e.pdf)142-151[Treatment of Brine Using Nanofiber Materials and Ion Exchange Resiens Khaled M. Naguib and Sherien M. Ahmed]
Download this file (6e.pdf)152-159[Role of Melatonin in Morpho-Physiological, Ionic and Biochemical Acclimation of Maize (Zea mays L.) Challenged with Salt Stress Ghulam Hassan Abbasi, Muhammad Ali, Zaffar Malik and Moazzam Jamil]
Download this file (7e.pdf)160-168[Thermodynamic Adsorption of Co(II) from Aqueous Solution onto Fine Powered Limestone Ahmed H. Ragab and Enas T. Eljohani]
Download this file (8e.pdf)169-172[Preliminary Study on Nanotechnology-Based Process (Electrocoagulation) for Pesticide Wastewater Treatment Prior to Reuse in Agricultural Irrigation Rachid Salghi, Mohmed Errami and Mohamed Zougagh]