Alternative Water Resources Prize


prof_wahab1 Dr. Abdul Wahab Mohammad  (Universiti Kebangsaan, Malaysia)

Topic: Innovative Methods and Systems in Desalination.

Dr. Muhammad’s research entails the development of advanced models for the fundamental characterization of nanofiltration to enhance its use in water desalination. His modeling and experiments with the nanofiltration of both artificial and natural seawater, as well as with wastewater from Ni-P plating and landfill leachates, demonstrates the capability of his models to characterize the nanofiltration of various solutions.

He has conducted important experiments on the effects of nanofiltration membrane materials and polymerization methods on their performance. He has also applied the performance prediction models to design an economic optimization of nanofiltration membranes.

Dr. Muhammad’s research provides a unique combination of fundamental physics-based process modeling, economic analysis, innovative materials science, and practical application.

Winner Profile

Professor Abdul Wahab Mohammad is Deputy Dean and Professor of Membrane and Separations Technology at Universiti Kebangsaan in Malaysia.

He received his PhD in 1988 in Chemical Engineering from the University of Wales Swansea, in the United Kingdom.

He has published over 60 scientific papers in refereed journals and over 90 articles as conference proceedings.


  1. UKM Research Award – Main Prize (2007) UKM Excellent Service Award (2007) UKM Research Award – Individual (Certificate) (2006)
  2. Silver Medal, International Invention, Innovation, Industrial Design & Technology Exhibition (ITEX 2005)
  3. JSPS Travelling Grant at University of Kyoto (2004, 2005)
  4. Research Fellowship, Middle East Desalination Research Center (MEDRC) (2003 and 2005) at the University of Nottingham UK
  5. Young Researcher UKM (2003)
  6. Best Paper Award (Co-author), Energy: International Conference on Advances in Strategic Technologies (ICAST) (2003)
  7. Gold Medal, 31st Salon International Inventions Geneva (2003)
  8. Marquis Who’s Who in Science and Engineering 7th Edition (2003)
  9. Silver Medal, Ekspo Sains dan Teknologi Kebangsaan (2002)
  10. Bronze Medal, International Invention, Innovation, Industrial Design & Technology Exhibition (ITEX 2002)

Winning Works

  1. Development of Innovative Predictive Model for Nanofiltration Membrane System (3 papers)
  2. Innovative Application of Models for Process Design and Optimization (3 papers)
  3. Desalination Application of Nanofiltration Membranes (3 papers)
  4. Innovative approach in nanofiltration membrane design and fabrication (3 papers)
  5. Innovative approach in value-added applications (2 papers)

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