Volume 10 Number 2, (October 2021)

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Download this file (10(2) 1.pdf)56-63[Modeling Tree Height, Crown Diameter, Volume and Carbon in Response to Diameter at Breast Height of Schima wallichii and Catanopsis indica: A Study from Midhills, Nepal -- Kabita Koirala, Ram Asheshwar Mandal, and Ananda Khadka]
Download this file (10(2) 2.pdf)64-69[Effect of Deficit Irrigation at Different Growth Stages on Yield and Water Productivity of Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.), Gezira State, Sudan -- Elsadig A. Elfaki, Hisham M. Mohamed and Abdikafi A. Farah]
Download this file (10(2) 3.pdf)70-77[Drip Irrigation and Fertigation Technology for Rice Production Leading to Higher Water Productivity -- P. Soman]
Download this file (10(2) 4.pdf)78-89[Effects of Irrigation on Socio-Cultural Characteristics of Farmers in Hadejia Valley Project (HVIP) of Jigawa State, Nigeria -- Mohammed Bashir Umar]
Download this file (10(2) 5.pdf)90-101[The Evil Couple: Illegal Mining in Water Bodies and Climate Change (A Case Study of Ghana) -- Victor Adjei, Elijah Foh Amoning and Isaac Tettey Adjokatse]