Volume 11, Number 2 (October 2022)

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Download this file (11(2) 1.pdf)81-112[Reviving the Arid American Diet in the Face of Climate Change: Assessing its Composition, Links to the Mesomerican Diet and Potential to Advance Indigenous Health and Diabetes Prevention -- Gary Paul Nabhan, Patricia Colunga-García-Marín and Daniel Zizumb]
Download this file (11(2) 2.pdf)113-122[Contingent Valuation Modeling for the Water Harvesting Techniques, Characterization of the Socioeconomic and Climatic Changes at Muharib and Al Majidyya, Jordan -- Masnat Al Hiary, Bezaiet Dessalegn, Omamah Al Hadidi, Tayseer Abu AlAmmash, Malik Abu Roman]
Download this file (11(2) 3.pdf)123-130[Application of Data Envelopment Analysis to Assess and Improve Efficiencies of Activated Sludge Treatment Plants -- Abdelhakim Kellouche, Chérifa Abdelbaki, Madani Bessedik, Mustapha Kamel Mihoubi and Mattheus Goosen]
Download this file (11(2) 4.pdf)131-146[Hydrogeophysical Investigation for Groundwater Occurrences in Fuka Area, Northwestern Desert, Egypt -- Nader H. El-Gendy, Galal H. Galal, Ahmed A. Nigm, Adel Kotb and Shimaa H. Radwan]
Download this file (11(2) 5.pdf)147-158[Radar Mapping of Flood Extent of Hurricane Harvey -- Wanda Crupa and Shuhab Khan]
Download this file (11(2) 6.pdf)159-165[Understanding the Risks of Groundwater Irrigation in Arid Terrains -- Stephen Foster]