ICRAPHE2023PSIPW supported leading scientists at the 5th International Conference on Risk Assessment of Pharmaceuticals in the Environment (ICRAPHE 5), which was held in Anacapri, Italy from 24 to 25 June 2024.

PSIPW has been an ongoing partner of ICRAPHE since its 2nd iteration in 2019.

This unique conference focuses on an area of utmost concern for the water supply. A wide range of pharamceuticals have emerged as dangerous contaminants in drinking water, even after water treatment, and their far-reaching effects are not fully understood. Research is urgently needed to understand the consequences of these contaminants on health and on the environment, as well as to find effective means to eliminate them from water that is used for drinking and agriculture.

At the opening session, PSIPW presented its winners for the 11th Award (2024), slightly ahead of its official public announcement on the next day, 25 June, at the UN Headquarters in Vienna. PSIPW's Water Management laureate for 2012, Damià Barceló Cullerès (pictured above), introduced PSIPW at the session.

PSIPW, through its Prince Sultan Water Specialist Event Parcicipation Grant, sponsored three well-known specialists in the field to present their research at ICRAPHE 5 as keynote speakers. They were:

Amadeo Fernandez AlbaAmadeo Fernández Alba, Univeridad de Almeri, Spain

He presented: “The impact of using reclaimed waters for greenhouse crop irrigation: microplastics, pesticides and emerging contaminants”

 Barbara Kasprzy HordernBarbara Kasprzyk-Hordern, University of Bath, UK

She presented: “Pharmaceuticals and emerging contaminants in the environment: estimating environmental and public health risks using water-based epidemiology.”

Gianluca Li PumaGianluca Li Puma, Università di Palermo, Italy

He presented: “Recent advances in the degradation of pharmaceuticals residues in macroscale and microscale photoreactors”

PSIPW and ICRAPHE are both committed to safequarding the water supply and to finding innovative scientific solutions to the challenges presented by emerging contaminants.