International Journal of Water Resources & Arid Environments (IJWRAE) vol 1(3) Jun. 2011

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Download this file (IJWRAE_1(3)153-162.pdf)153-162[Challenges of Developing a European Union Strategic Approach to Water Scarcity -- Andrew Farmer]
Download this file (IJWRAE_1(3)163-169.pdf)163-169[Management of Ground Water Resources in Context of the National Action Plan on Climate Change: A Case Study from Neelamangla in Karnataka -- Anshuman]
Download this file (IJWRAE_1(3)170-179.pdf)170-179[Water Use in Pakistan’s Agricultural Sector: Water Conservation under the Changed Climatic Conditions -- Awais Piracha and Zahid Majeed]
Download this file (IJWRAE_1(3)180-192.pdf)180-192[Rainfall Climatology over Middle East Region and its Variability -- C.A. Babu, A.A. Samah and Hamza Varikoden]
Download this file (IJWRAE_1(3)193-199.pdf)193-199[Conservation, Development and Management of Water Resources: An Experience in Himalayan Region, India -- G.K. Khadse, A.V. Talkhande, P.S. Kelkar and P.K. Labhasetwar]
Download this file (IJWRAE_1(3)200-209.pdf)200-209[Reconstruction of Mid-Holocene Climate Conditions for North-Western Arabian Oasis Tayma -- Kai Wellbrock, Peter Voss and Matthias Grottker]
Download this file (IJWRAE_1(3)210-218.pdf)210-218[Design Rainfall Estimation for Short Storm Durations Using L-Moments and Generalised Least Squares Regression-Application to Australian Data -- Khaled Haddad, Ataur Rahman, Janice Green and George Kuczera]
Download this file (IJWRAE_1(3)219-225.pdf)219-225[Integrated Approaches to the Assessment of the Impacts of Climate and Socio-economic Change on Groundwater Resources in the Tensift Basin, Morocco -- Lalla Bahia Ghallabi, Mohamed Messouli and Mohamed Yacoubi]
Download this file (IJWRAE_1(3)226-231.pdf)226-231[Innovative Technologies for Water Saving in Irrigated Agriculture -- Suresh Kulkarni]
Download this file (IJWRAE_1(3)232-238.pdf)232-238[Water Conservation of Pakistan’s Agricultural, Municipal and Industrial Water -- Zahid Majeed and Awais Piracha]