International Journal of Water Resources & Arid Environments (IJWRAE) vol 1(6) Dec. 2011

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Download this file (IJWRAE_1(6)387-396.pdf)387-396 [Developing an Oasis-Based Water Management Tool: Ecohydrologic Approach and Weap Software for a Large Arid Catchment in Morocco -- Abdelkrim Ben Salem, Mohamed Messouli and Mohamed Yacoubi-Khebiza]
Download this file (IJWRAE_1(6)397-410.pdf)397-410 [2-D Electrical Tomography for Mapping of Aquifers at the New Campus of King Faisl University, Al Hassa, KSA -- Ahmed S. El Mahmoudi, Khalid M. Al-Barrak and Massoud A. Massoud]
Download this file (IJWRAE_1(6)411-416.pdf)411-416 [Modeling Monthly Rainfall Records in Arid Zones Using Markov Chains: Saudi Arabia Case Study -- Amro Elfeki and Nassir Al-Amri]
Download this file (IJWRAE_1(6)417-427.pdf)417-427 [Multispectral Remotely Sensed Models for Monitoring Suspended Sediment: A Case Study of Indus River,Pakistan -- Asif M. Bhatti, Seigo Nasu and Masataka Takagi]
Download this file (IJWRAE_1(6)428-439.pdf)428-439[A Conceptual Hydrologic Model for Studies of Salinisation in Tunisian Oases -- Brahim Askri, Rachida Bouhlila and Jean Olivier Job]
Download this file (IJWRAE_1(6)440-449.pdf)440-449[A New Fuzzy Modeling Method for the Runoff Simulation in the Karoon Basin -- Hamid Taheri Shahraiyni, Mohammad Reza Ghafouri, Saeed Bagheri Shouraki and Bahram Saghafian]
Download this file (IJWRAE_1(6)450-456.pdf)450-456[Support System Based Advanced Process Resolving Models for Water Management in Arid Environment -- Hussain Aziz Saleh]
Download this file (IJWRAE_1(6)457-468.pdf)457-468[Spatial Decision Support System for Drinking Water Quality Monitoring and Evaluation in Al-Hassa -- Massoud A. Massoud, Y.Y. Al-Dakheel, A.H.A. Hussein1 and A.S. El-Mahmoudi]
Download this file (IJWRAE_1(6)469-477.pdf)469-477[The Role of Modelling in Integrated Water Management (A Case Study in Zayandeh Rud Basin) -- Mehdi Akbari, Peter Droogers and Hossen Dehghnisanij]
Download this file (IJWRAE_1(6)478-482.pdf)478-482 [Smart Irrigation System for Wheat in Saudi Arabia Using Wireless Sensors Network Technology -- Ragheid Atta, Tahar Boutraa and Abdellah Akhkha]
Download this file (IJWRAE_1(6)483-489.pdf)483-489[Well Field Design in a Highly Fractured Aquifer System: A Case Study of the Egypt's Siwa Oasis -- S. Ahmed, E.L. Zayat and M. Hatem Ali]
Download this file (IJWRAE_1(6)490-498.pdf)490-498[An Intelligent Information System for Groundwater Resources Categorization and Assessment -- Saleh Elkaffas, M. Massoud, M. El-Raey and H. El-Wakeel]