ETH Zurich dinner2The Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz International Prize for Water was the gold sponsor at Micropol & Ecohazards 2013, which took place at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology  (ETH Zurich) from 16-20 June 2013.

The conference was organized by the IWA Specialist Group on Assessment and Control of Micropollutants and Hazardous Substances jointly with the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag) and the Swiss water and wastewater professional associations.

The conference was attended by hundreds of leading experts and practitioners in the field of wastewater, drinking water and reuse, including engineers, environmental chemists and eco-toxicologists.

PSIPW General Secretary Dr. Abdulmalek A. Al Alshaikh spoke during the conference’s gala dinner event, where he introduced the Prize and the most recent prizewinners to the assembled delegates. Many of the prizewinners for the 5th Award had won for work which was directly relevant to micropolutants and ecohazards.

Dr. Abdulmalek spoke about the Creativity Prize which was won by a team at UC Berkeley led by Dr. Ashok Gadgil for developing an innovative and effective method of treating the arsenic contamination of groundwater using electrocoagulation. Likewise, he mentioned the Groundwater Prize was awarded to a team led by MIT’s Dr. Charles Harvey for determining the cause of Bangladesh’s the disastrous arsenic contamination of Bangladesh’s groundwater. He also discussed the Water Management Prize which was awarded to Dr. Damià Barceló of the Catalan Institute for Water Research for his work in determining the effect of pharmaceutical wastes in the water environment.

He was joined on stage by professor Hansruedi Siegrist of Eawag, who described PSIPW as a world leading scientific water award and encouraged delegates to nominate their best work to one of the five prizes on offer for the current 6th Award.

kinzelbachDr. Wolfgang Kinzelbach, who is professor of Hydromechanics at ETH Zurich, and a former PSIPW Prizewinner, also took the stage and expressed his gratitude to HRH Prince Sultan for establishing the prize in 2002 and discussed how PSIPW has managed to become one of the world’s most important water prizes in such a short time.