International Journal of Water Resources & Arid Environments (IJWRAE) vol 2(1) March 2013

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Download this file (IJWRAE_2(1)01-08.pdf)01-08[Water Quality Degradation of Al-Mukalla Groundwater Aquifer/Yemen -- Abdel Kawi A.A. Al-Alimi, Ghunaim S.A. Nasher, Maroah S. Saban and Rasha H. Ba Sad]
Download this file (IJWRAE_2(1)09-14.pdf)09-14[Performance of Up-Flow Roughing Biofilter in Iron Removal from Groundwater -- G.K. Khadse, V.W. Lande, S.P. Andey and P.K. Labhasetwar]
Download this file (IJWRAE_2(1)15-25.pdf)15-25[Some Chemical and Biological Additives With Hyperaccumulator Plants for Amendment the Sandy Soil Contaminated for Long Term by Sewage Water -- H.F. Abouziena, A. Zaghloul, S. El-Ashry, E.M. Hobballa and M. Saber]
Download this file (IJWRAE_2(1)26-36.pdf)26-36[Integrative Approach for Studying Water Sources and Their Vulnerability to Climate Change in Semi-Arid Regions (Drâa Basin, Morocco) -- J.J. Carrillo-Rivera, S. Ouysse and G.J. Hernández-Garcia]
Download this file (IJWRAE_2(1)37-44.pdf)37-44[Water a Response Factor to Screen Suitable Genotypes to Fight and Traverse Periodic Onslaughts of Water Scarcity in Spring Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) -- Ijaz Rasool Noorka and Trude Schwarzacher]
Download this file (IJWRAE_2(1)45-50.pdf)45-50[Impact of Climate Change in the Southern Rajasthan, India -- Narpat Singh Rathore and Narendra Verma]
Download this file (IJWRAE_2(1)51-55.pdf)51-55[Purity Sensor Activated Smart Toilet Flushing System -- Raghied Mohammed Atta]