International Journal of Water Resources & Arid Environments (IJWRAE) vol 3(1) April 2014

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Download this file (1e.pdf)01 - 10[Quantity and Quality Considerations of Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting as a Substantial Resource to Face Water Supply Shortages - Taha Mohammed Taher]
Download this file (2e.pdf)11 - 18[Waste Water Sterilization by Cobalt Co-60 for the Agricultural Irrigation: A Case Study - S. Sabbagh, A.S. El Mahmoudi and Y.Y. Al-Dakhee]
Download this file (3e.pdf)19 - 24[Applications of Hydrogeochemical Modeling to Evaluate Quaternary Aquifer in the Area Between Idfu and Aswan, Eastern Desert, Egypt - M.A. Gomaa, M.M. Emara, M.M.B. El-Sabbah and S.A. Mohallel]
Download this file (4e.pdf)35 - 42[Seashore Paspalum, a High Salinity Stress Tolerant Halophytic Plant Species for Sustainable Agriculture in Desert Regions and Combating Desertification - Mohammad Pessarakli and Dennis E. McMillan]
Download this file (5e.pdf)43 - 50[Comparison of Clark and Geographical Instantaneous Unit Hydrograph Models for Arid and Semi Arid Regions - A.R. Ghumman, Kheder Khaled, H.N. Hashmi and M.M. Ahmad]
Download this file (6e.pdf)51 - 62[Delineating Groundwater Aquifer and Subsurface Structures Using Integrated Geophysical Interpretation at the Western Part of Gulf of Aqaba, Sinai, Egypt - Sultan Awad Sultan Araffa and Josef Pek]
Download this file (7e.pdf)63 - 76[Evaluation and Mapping Water Wells Suitability for Irrigation Using GIS in Darb El-Arbaein, South Western Desert, Egypt -- El-Sayed Ewis Omran, Ahmed Ghallab, Salman Selmy and Abd-Alla Gad]