International Journal of Water Resources & Arid Environments (IJWRAE) vol 3(2) Oct. 2014

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Download this file (1e.pdf)77 - 83[Simple Mathematical Models for Aridity, Rainfall and Runoff in Semi-Arid Environment -- U.C. Sharma and V. Sharma]
Download this file (2e.pdf)84-95[Integration of Remote Sensing and GIS with Sedimentological and Chemical Investigations for Environmental Evaluation Of Al Uyoun Evaporation Lake, Al Hassa, KSA -- A.S. El Mahmoudi, A.H.A. Hussein, Y.Y. Al-Dakheel and M.A. Massoud]
Download this file (3e.pdf)96 - 107[Geospatial Analysis for Salinity Hazard Within a Semiarid Context - - K.H.M. Darwish, M.A. El-Bordiny and A.S. Salam]
Download this file (4e.pdf)108 - 120[A Theoretical and Experimental Study for a Humidification-Dehumidification (HD) Solar Desalination Unit -- M.Abd ElKader, A. Aref, Gamal H. Moustafa and Yasser ElHenawy]
Download this file (5e.pdf)121 - 131[Rotations in Coastal Plains to Combat Desertification in Egypt -- A.S. Shams and A.S. Kamel]
Download this file (6e.pdf)132 - 136[Water Resources Management due to Climate Change Impact: A Case Study in Asir Region, KSA and Conservation to Combat Environmental Deprivation -- Salman Shelan, Ibrahim Shabibi and Zahid Majeed]
Download this file (7e.pdf)137 - 153[Fractures Density Mapping Using DC Resistivity and its Effects on Water Accumulation in Tir ‘ ah and Ad Dar ‘ ah Areas, Wadi Al ‘ ays Quadrangle, Saudi Arabia -- Abdallah Ibrahim Ammar]